My Grandmother Was A Holocaust Survivor And I Went Back For The Stories She Never Told

Thought Catalog

My grandmother fell into the group of survivors who refuse to speak about the war. I had just a few facts rashly told over dinner to fill in her history. I knew, as a young girl she was removed from her apartment by the Gestapo and forced to wash a nearby statue with a toothbrush. I knew that she was carrying her first husband’s child when he was taken away. I knew that her mother was sent to Auschwitz and murdered there. My grandmother escaped with her infant and managed to hide in France for the duration of the war.

She would not tell the stories, for this would be to lose herself in anguish so deep as to not return to this well-ornamented dream. As a very young boy I was determined to do the crying for her. I dreamt of the camps and in those dreams I was…

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